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[1483] - Debt into growth: How sovereign debt accelerated the first Industrial Revolution
per Jaume Ventura i Hans-Joachim Voth
(Maig 2015)

[1482] - Information spillovers in asset markets with correlated values
per Vladimir Asriyan, William Fuchs i Brett Green
(Abril 2015)

[1481] - Large firm dynamics and the business cycle
per Vasco Carvalho i Basile Grassi
(Abril 2015)

[1480] - On the failures of the null-hypothesis test
per Nicholas Longford
(Abril 2015)

[1479] - Identifying the sources of model misspecification
per Atsushi Inoue, Chun-Hung Kuo i Barbara Rossi
(Febrer 2015)

[1478] - Heterogeneous consumers and fiscal policy shocks
per Emily Anderson, Atsushi Inoue i Barbara Rossi
(Febrer 2011; Revisat: Febrer 2015)

[1477] - Macroeconomic uncertainty indices based on nowcast and forecast error distributions
per Barbara Rossi i Tatevik Sekhposyan
(Gener 2015) [Publicat a: American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 105 (5), 650-55, May 2015.]

[1476] - Forecasting in nonstationary environments: What works and what doesn't in reduced-form and structural models
per Raffaella Giacomini i Barbara Rossi
(Desembre 2014) [Publicat a: Annual Review of Economics, forthcoming]

[1475] - On Margrabe options written on stochastic volatility models
per Elisa Alòs i Thorsten Rheinländer
(Març 2015)

[1474] - Familiarity and competition: the case of mutual funds
per Ariadna Dumitrescu i Javier Gil-Bazo
(Març 2015)

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