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[1432] - Rainfall risk and religious membership in the late Nineteenth-Century United States
per Philipp Ager i Antonio Ciccone
(Juliol 2014)

[1431] - Financial crises and exchange rate policy
per Luca Fornaro
(Juliol 2014)

[1430] - The real estate and credit bubble: Evidence from Spain
per Ozlem Akin, José Garcia Montalvo, Jaume Garcia Villar, José-Luis Peydró i Josep M. Raya
(Juliol 2014)

[1429] - The titling role of possession
per Benito Arruñada
(Juny 2014)

[1428] - The wind of change: Maritime technology, trade and economic development
per Luigi Pascali
(Juny 2014)

[1427] - Policy-related small-area estimation
per Nicholas Longford
(Juny 2014)

[1426] - Forecast rationality tests in the presence of instabilities, with applications to Federal Reserve and survey forecasts
per Barbara Rossi i Tatevik Sekhposyan
(Juny 2014)

[1425] - Transparency and deliberation within the FOMC: A computational linguistics approach
per Stephen Eliot Hansen, Michael McMahon i Andrea Prat
(Maig 2014)

[1424] - Gender peer effects in school, a birth cohort approach
per Antonio Ciccone i Walter Garcia-Fontes
(Juny 2014)

[1423] - Identifying inliers
per Michael Greenacre i H. Öztas Ayhan
(Juny 2014)

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