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[1449] - From micro to macro via production networks
per Vasco Carvalho
(Octubre 2014)

[1448] - Patent collateral investor commitment and the market for venture lending
per Yael V. Hochberg, Carlos J. Serrano i Rosemarie H. Ziedonis
(Octubre 2014)

[1447] - Incompatibility of estimation and policy objectives. An example from small-area estimation
per Nicholas Longford
(Octubre 2014)

[1446] - A closed-form option pricing approximation formula for a fractional Heston model
per Elisa Alòs i Yan Yang
(Octubre 2014)

[1445] - Organizing public good provision: Lessons from managerial accounting
per Benito Arruñada i Stephen Eliot Hansen
(Setembre 2014; Revisat: Octubre 2014)

[1444] - Size and shape in the measurement of multivariate proximity
per Michael Greenacre
(Setembre 2014)

[1443] - Discrete choice estimation of risk aversion
per Jose Apesteguia i Miguel A. Ballester
(Setembre 2014)

[1442] - Discrete choice estimation of time preferences
per Jose Apesteguia i Miguel A. Ballester
(Agost 2014)

[1441] - The effects of a money-financed fiscal stimulus
per Jordi Galí
(Setembre 2014)

[1440] - Banking competition and stability: The role of leverage
per Xavier Freixas i Kebin Ma
(Agost 2014)

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