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[1460] - Betting on exports: Trade and endogenous heterogeneity
per Alessandra Bonfiglioli i Gino Gancia
(Desembre 2014)

[1459] - The long and the short of it: Sovereign debt crises and debt maturity
per Raquel Fernández i Alberto Martin
(Desembre 2014)

[1458] - On the local convexity of the implied volatility curve in uncorrelated stochastic volatility
per Elisa Alòs i Jorge A. León
(Novembre 2014)

[1457] - Large capital inflows, sectoral allocation, and economic performance
per Gianluca Benigno, Nathan Converse i Luca Fornaro
(Novembre 2014)

[1456] - Registries
per Benito Arruñada
(Agost 2014)

[1455] - Reforming the U.S. Social Security system accounting for employment uncertainty
per Hugo Benítez-Silva, José Ignacio García-Pérez i Sergi Jiménez-Martín
(Novembre 2014)

[1454] - Love in the time of the depression: The effect of economic conditions on marriage in the Great Depression
per Matthew J. Hill
(Setembre 2014) [Publicat a: Journal of Economic History, Forthcoming]

[1453] - Easterlin revisted: Relative income and the baby boom
per Matthew J. Hill
(Setembre 2014) [Publicat a: Explorations in Economic History, Forthcoming]

[1452] - Homes and husbands for all: Marriage, housing and the baby boom
per Matthew J. Hill
(Març 2014) [Publicat a: Journal of Urban Economics. Revise and resubmit, September 2014]

[1451] - Source of health insurance coverage and employment survival among newly disabled workers: Evidence from the health and retirement study
per Matthew J. Hill, Nicole Maestas i Kathleen J. Mullen
(Setembre 2014)

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