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[1415] - On the inefficiency of the restricted maximum likelihood
per Nicholas Longford
(Març 2014)

[1414] - A global view of cross-border migration
per Julian di Giovanni, Andrei A. Levchenko i Francesc Ortega
(Març 2014) [Publicat a: Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming]

[1413] - Who is afraid of the big bad ban? An evaluation of the effects of the Spanish clean air law on expenditure at hospitality venues
per Jaume Garcia Villar i Ángel López-Nicolás
(Febrer 2014)

[1412] - A new approach to measure the impact of highways on business location with an application to Spain
per Teresa Garcia-Milà i José Garcia Montalvo
(Juny 2013)

[1411] - A general theory of rank testing
per Majid M. Al-Sadoon
(Febrer 2014)

[1410] - Standardized enforcement: Access to justice vs. contractual innovation
per Nicola Gennaioli, Enrico Perotti i Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto
(Desembre 2013)

[1409] - On the tractability of the piecewise-linear approximation for general discrete-choice network revenue management
per Sumit Kunnumkal i Kalyan Talluri
(Gener 2014)

[1408] - Understanding the gains from wage flexibility: The exchange rate connection
per Jordi Galí i Tommaso Monacelli
(Desembre 2013)

[1407] - On the impact of microcredit: Evidence from a randomized intervention in rural Ethiopia
per Alessandro Tarozzi, Jaikishan Desai i Kristin Johnson
(Octubre 2013)

[1406] - The effect of tax enforcement on tax elasticities: Evidence from charitable contributions in France
per Gabrielle Fack i Camille Landais
(Novembre 2013)

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