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[1102] - English Auctions with toeholds: An experimental study
per Sotiris Georganas i Rosemarie Nagel
(Juliol 2008)

[1068] - Rational reasoning or adaptive behavior? Evidence from two-person beauty contest games
per Brit Grosskopf i Rosemarie Nagel
(Juny 2007)

[1020] - Social capabilities in Alzheimers patients
per Antoni Bosch-Domènech, Rosemarie Nagel i Juan Vicente Sánchez-Andrés
(Gener 2007) [Publicat a: The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, Vol. 65B, Number 1, 119-128.]

[804] - Measuring strategic uncertainty in coordination games
per Frank Heinemann, Rosemarie Nagel i Peter Ockenfels
(Desembre 2004)

[737] - Finite mixture analysis of beauty-contest data using generalised beta distributions
per Antoni Bosch-Domènech, José Garcia Montalvo, Rosemarie Nagel i Albert Satorra
(Gener 2004; Revisat: Maig 2010) [Publicat a: Experimental Economics, Vol. 13(4), 461-475, 2010.]

[601] - Equilibrium selection through incomplete information in coordination games: An experimental study
per Rosemarie Nagel, Antonio Cabrales i Roc Armenter
(Febrer 2002)

[487] - Choice of partners in multiple two-person prisoner's dilemma games: An experimental study
per Esther Hauk i Rosemarie Nagel
(Juliol 2000) [Publicat a: Journal of Conflict Resolution, 45, 6, (2001), pp. 770-793]

[438] - One, two, (three), infinity: Newspaper and lab beauty-contest experiments
per Rosemarie Nagel, Antoni Bosch-Domènech, Albert Satorra i José García Montalvo
(Novembre 1999) [Publicat a: American Economic Review, 92, 5, (2002)]

[393] - The effect of intergroup competition on group coordination: An experimental study
per Gary Bornstein, Uri Gneezy i Rosemarie Nagel
(Maig 1999) [Publicat a: Games and Economic Behavior, 41(2002), 1, pp. 1-25]

[230] - An experimental study of adaptive behavior in an oligopolistic market game
per Rosemarie Nagel i Nicolaas J. Vriend
(Juliol 1997) [Publicat a: Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 9, Issue 1, p. 27-65, 1999]

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