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Markakis, Mihalis and Bimpikis, Kostas
Inventory Pooling under Heavy-Tailed Demand, forthcoming in Management Science

Le Mens, Gaël, Hannan, Michael T., and Pólos, László
Age-related structural inertia: A distance-based approach, forthcoming in Organization Science

Quoidbach J., Mikolajczak, M., & Gross J.
Positive interventions: An emotion regulation perspective, forthcoming in Psychological Bulletin

Apesteguia, José, Ballester, Miguel A.
A measure of rationality and welfare, forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy

Le Mens, Gaël, Hannan, Michael T., and Pólos, László
Organizational obsolescence, drifting tastes, and age-dependence in organizational life chances, forthcoming in Organization Science

Nimark, Kristoffer
Man-bites-dog business cycles, forthcoming in American Economic Review

Casadesus-Masanell, Ramon, and Hervas-Drane, Andres
Competing with privacy, Management Science, Vol. 61, No 1, 229-246, January 2015

Tarozzi, Alessandro, Mahajan, Aprajit, Blackburn, Brian, Kopf, Dan, Krishnan, Lakshmi and Yoong, Joanne
Micro-loans, bednets and malaria: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Orissa (India), American Economic Review, Vol. 104, No 7, 1909-1941, July 2014

Ippolito, Filippo, Acharya, Viral, Almeida, Heitor, and Pérez, Ander
Lines of credit as monitored liquidity insurance, Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 112, No 3, 287-319, June 2014

Eeckhout, Jan, Pinheiro, Roberto and Schmidheiny, Kurt
Spatial sorting, Journal of Political Economy, Vol.122, No 3, 554-620, June 2014

Reynal-Querol, Marta and Besley, Tim
The legacy of historical conflict. Evidence from Africa, American Political Science Review, Vol. 108, No 2, 319-336, May 2014

di Giovanni, Julian, Levchenko, Andrei A., and Méjean, Isabelle
Firms, destinations and aggregate fluctuations, Econometrica, Vol.82 No 4, 1303-1340, April 2014

Martin, Alberto, Gennaioli, Nicola, and Rossi, Stefano
Sovereign default, domestic banks and financial institutions, The Journal of Finance, Vol. 69, No 2, 819-866, April 2014

Galí, Jordi
Monetary policy and rational asset price bubbles, American Economic Review, Vol. 104, No 3, 721-752, March 2014

Jiménez, Gabriel, Ongena, Steven, Peydró, José-Luis and Saurina, Jesús
Hazardous times for monetary policy: What do 23 million loans say about the impact of monetary policy on credit risk-taking?, Econometrica, Vol. 82, No 2, 463-505, March 2014

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[1482] - Information spillovers in asset markets with correlated values
by Vladimir Asriyan, William Fuchs and Brett Green

[1481] - Large firm dynamics and the business cycle
by Vasco Carvalho and Basile Grassi

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