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di Giovanni, Julian, Levchenko, Andrei A., and Méjean, Isabelle
Firms, destinations and aggregate fluctuations, forthcoming in Econometrica

Le Mens, Gaël, Hannan, Michael T., and Pólos, László
Organizational obsolescence, drifting tastes, and age-dependence in organizational life chances, forthcoming in Organization Science

Nimark, Kristoffer
Man-bites-dog business cycles, forthcoming in American Economic Review

Casadesus-Masanell, Ramon, and Hervas-Drane, Andres
Competing with privacy, forthcoming in Management Science

Eeckhout, Jan, Pinheiro, Roberto and Schmidheiny, Kurt
Spatial sorting, forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy

Reynal-Querol, Marta and Besley, Tim
The legacy of historical conflict. Evidence from Africa, forthcoming in American Political Science Review

Tarozzi, Alessandro, Mahajan, Aprajit, Blackburn, Brian, Kopf, Dan, Krishnan, Lakshmi and Yoong, Joanne
Micro-loans, bednets and malaria: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Orissa (India), forthcoming in American Economic Review

Galí, Jordi
Monetary policy and rational asset price bubbles, forthcoming in American Economic Review

Martin, Alberto, Gennaioli, Nicola, and Rossi, Stefano
Sovereign default, domestic banks and financial institutions, forthcoming in The Journal of Finance

Banal-Estañol, Albert, Ottaviani, Marco, and Winton, Andrew
The flip side of financial synergies: Coinsurance versus risk contamination, forthcoming in Review of Financial Studies

Jiménez, Gabriel, Ongena, Steven, Peydró, José-Luis and Saurina, Jesús
Hazardous times for monetary policy: What do 23 million loans say about the impact of monetary policy on credit risk-taking?, forthcoming in Econometrica

Ippolito, Filippo, Acharya, Viral, Almeida, Heitor, and Pérez, Ander
Lines of credit as monitored liquidity insurance, forthcoming in Journal of Financial Economics

Colla, Paolo, Ippolito, Filippo and Li, Kai
Debt specialization, forthcoming in Journal of Finance

Iyer, Rajkamal, Da-Rocha-Lopes, Samuel, Peydró, José-Luis and Schoar, Antoinette,
Interbank liquidity crunch and the firm credit crunch: Evidence from the 2007-2009 crisis, Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 27, No 1, 347-372, January 2014

Voigtländer, Nico and Voth, Joachim
How the West "invented" fertility restriction, American Economic Review, Vol. 103, No 6, 2227-2264, November 2013

Carvalho, Vasco, and Gabaix, Xavier
The great diversification and its undoing, American Economic Review, Vol. 103, No 5, 1697-1727, August 2013

Cornelissen, Gert, Bashshur, Michael, Rode, Julian, and Le Menestrel, Marc
Rules or consequences? The role of ethical mindsets in moral dynamics, Psychological Science, Vol. 24, No 4, 482-488, June 2013

Peydró, José-Luis, Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem and Papaioannou, Elias
Financial regulation, globalization and synchronization of economic activity, Journal of Finance, Vol. 68, No 3, 1179-2228, June 2013

Voigtländer, Nico and Voth, Joachim
The three horsemen of riches: Plague, war and urbanization in early modern Europe, Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 80, No. 2, 774-811, April 2013

Nash Jr, John F., Nagel, Rosemarie, Ockenfels, Axel and Selten, Reinhard
The agencies method for coalition formation in experimental games, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Vol. 109, No. 50, 20358-20363, December 2012

Fons-Rosen, Christian, Blanes, Jordi and Draca, Mirko
Revolving door lobbyists, American Economic Review, Vol. 102, No. 7, 3731-3748, December 2012

Martin, Alberto and Ventura, Jaume
Economic growth with bubbles, American Economic Review, Vol. 102, No. 6, 3033-3058, October 2012

Carvalho, Vasco, Acemoglu, Daron, Ozdaglar, Asuman, and Tahbaz-Salehi, Alireza
The network origins of aggregate fluctuations, Econometrica, Vol. 80, No. 5, 1977-2016, September 2012

Peydró, José-Luis, Jiménez, Gabriel, Ongena, Steven and Saurina, Jesús
Credit supply and monetary policy: Identifying the bank balance-sheet channel with loan applications, American Economic Review, Vol. 102, No. 5, 2301-2326, August 2012

Voigtländer, Nico and Voth, Joachim
Persecution perpetuated: The medieval origins of anti-semitic violence in Nazi Germany, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 127, No. 3, 1339-1392, August 2012

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[1415] - On the inefficiency of the restricted maximum likelihood
by Nicholas Longford

[1414] - A global view of cross-border migration
by Julian di Giovanni, Andrei A. Levchenko and Francesc Ortega

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