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Glitz, Albrecht, Dustmann, Christian, Schönberg, Uta and Brücker, Herbert
Referral-based Job Search Networks, forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies

Alaoui, Larbi and Penta, Antonio
Endogenous depth of reasoning, forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies

Markakis, Mihalis and Bimpikis, Kostas
Inventory Pooling under Heavy-Tailed Demand, forthcoming in Management Science

Apesteguia, José, Ballester, Miguel A.
A measure of rationality and welfare, forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy

Le Mens, Gaël, Hannan, Michael T., and Pólos, László
Age-related structural inertia: A distance-based approach, Organization Science, Vol. 26, No 3, 756-773, June 2015

Quoidbach J., Mikolajczak, M., & Gross J.
Positive interventions: An emotion regulation perspective, Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 141, No 3, 655-693, May 2015

Le Mens, Gaël, Hannan, Michael T., and Pólos, László
Organizational obsolescence, drifting tastes, and age-dependence in organizational life chances, Organization Science, Vol. 26, No 2, 550-570, April 2015

Casadesus-Masanell, Ramon, and Hervas-Drane, Andres
Competing with privacy, Management Science, Vol. 61, No 1, 229-246, January 2015

Nimark, Kristoffer
Man-bites-dog business cycles, American Economic Review, Vol. 104, No 8, 2320-2367, August 2014

Tarozzi, Alessandro, Mahajan, Aprajit, Blackburn, Brian, Kopf, Dan, Krishnan, Lakshmi and Yoong, Joanne
Micro-loans, bednets and malaria: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Orissa (India), American Economic Review, Vol. 104, No 7, 1909-1941, July 2014

Ippolito, Filippo, Acharya, Viral, Almeida, Heitor, and Pérez, Ander
Lines of credit as monitored liquidity insurance, Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 112, No 3, 287-319, June 2014

Eeckhout, Jan, Pinheiro, Roberto and Schmidheiny, Kurt
Spatial sorting, Journal of Political Economy, Vol.122, No 3, 554-620, June 2014

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[1488] - Hysteresis and the European unemployment problem revisited
by Jordi Galí

[1487] - Stagnation traps
by Gianluca Benigno and Luca Fornaro

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