This week's speakers

30/11/2015 - Enrico Perotti

30/11/2015 - Volker Nocke

01/12/2015 - Camilo García Jimeno

01/12/2015 - Majid Al Sadoon

02/12/2015 - Helena Hernández Pizarro

02/12/2015 - Mircea Epure and Timo Sohl

03/12/2015 - Sjaak Hurkens

03/12/2015 - Sasha Becker

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Peydró, José-Luis, Ippolito, Filippo, Polo, Andrea and Sette, Enrico
Double bank runs and liquidity risk management, forthcoming in Journal of Financial Economics

Peydró, José-Luis, Abbassi, Puriya, Iyer, Raj and Tous, Francesc
Securities trading by banks and credit supply: Micro-evidence, forthcoming in Journal of Financial Economics

Le Mens, Gaël and Denrell, Jerker
Information sampling, belief synchronization and collective illusions, forthcoming in Management Science

Le Mens, Gaël, Kareev, Yaakov and Avrahami, Judith
The evaluative advantage of novel alternatives: An information sampling account, forthcoming in Psychological Science

Glitz, Albrecht, Dustmann, Christian, Schönberg, Uta and Brücker, Herbert
Referral-based job search networks, forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies

Alaoui, Larbi and Penta, Antonio
Endogenous depth of reasoning, forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies

Markakis, Mihalis and Bimpikis, Kostas
Inventory pooling under heavy-tailed demand, forthcoming in Management Science

Apesteguia, José, Ballester, Miguel A.
A measure of rationality and welfare, forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy

Le Mens, Gaël, Hannan, Michael T., and Pólos, László
Age-related structural inertia: A distance-based approach, Organization Science, Vol. 26, No 3, 756-773, June 2015

Quoidbach, Jordi, Mikolajczak, Moďra, and Gross James J.
Positive interventions: An emotion regulation perspective, Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 141, No 3, 655-693, May 2015

Le Mens, Gaël, Hannan, Michael T., and Pólos, László
Organizational obsolescence, drifting tastes, and age-dependence in organizational life chances, Organization Science, Vol. 26, No 2, 550-570, April 2015

Casadesus-Masanell, Ramon, and Hervas-Drane, Andres
Competing with privacy, Management Science, Vol. 61, No 1, 229-246, January 2015

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[1497] - Double bank runs and liquidity risk management
by Filippo Ippolito, José-Luis Peydró, Andrea Polo and Enrico Sette

[1496] - The effect of lawyers' career concerns on litigation
by Rosa Ferrer Zarzuela

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