September 10th 2015
Filippo Ippolito receives the 2014 UCEIF Foundation Prize for his project on the fragility in banks

Filippo Ippolito, professor of the Department of Economics and Business of the UPF, is the leader of the project entitled "Asset-liability correlated fragility in banks", which won the 2014 Research Grant Prize, awarded by the UCEIF Foundation. The project analyses the relationship between banks' liquidity, credit lines and the granting of loans, starting from the European interbank market freeze in 2007.

The UCEIF Foundation (University of Cantabria Foundation for Study and Research in the Financial Sector) was created on 2006 to reward doctoral theses and research projects that best deepen the origin of the crisis and the mechanisms of systemic risk, the impact of banks' liquidity, their fragility in the real economy and the behavior of derived products. Its goals, among others, are to carry out research in the financial field and promote study, research and training in the social and economic sphere.

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