Helena Ramalhinho-Lourenço

PhD Cornell University

Research interests:Operations Research. Production and Operations Management, Logistics
Email address:helena.ramalhinho@upf.edu
Office (building, room):Jaume I, 20.200
Office phone number:(+34) 93 542 2753
Office fax number:(+34) 93 542 1746
Assistant:Georgina Folguera
Web page:www.econ.upf.edu/~ramalhin

Selected publications

SimILS: A Simulation-based extension of the Iterated Local Search metaheuristic for Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization
by Alex Grasas León, Angel A. Juan and Helena Ramalhinho-Lourenço
Journal of Simulation, Forthcoming, accepted for publication August 7, 2014

Using Iterated Local Search for solving the Flow-Shop Problem: Parametrization, randomization and parallelization issues
by Angel A. Juan, Helena Ramalhinho-Lourenço, Manel Mateo, Rachel Luo and Quim Castella
International Transactions in Operational Research, 21(1): 103-126. DOI: 10.1111/itor.12028., 2014

Iterated Local Search: Framework and Applications
by Olivier Martin, Helena Ramalhinho-Lourenço and Thomas Stützle
"Handbook of Metaheuristics", M. Gendreau and J. Y. Potvin (eds.), Springer New York, Vol.146, pp. 363-397, 2010