Marc Le Menestrel


Research interests:Rational Behaviour, Economic Behaviour, Ethical Rationality in Management. Preference Theory, Utility Theory, Theory of Choice.
Office (building, room):Jaume I, 20.1E34
Office phone number:(+34) 93 542 2723
Office fax number:(+34) 93 542 1702
Assistant:Georgina Folguera

Selected publications

Biased Extensive Measurement: The Homogeneous Case
by Marc Le Menestrel and B. Lemaire
Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 48, pp. 9-14, 2004

Processes and Consequences in Business Ethical Dilemmas: The Oil Industry and Climate Change
by Marc Le Menestrel, S. van den Hove and H. C. de Bettignies
Journal of Business Ethics, 41, 3, pp. 251-266, 2002