Xavier Cuadras Morató

PhD University of York

Research interests:Monetary Theory and History, Financial History and Health Economics
Email address:xavier.cuadras@upf.edu
Office (building, room):Jaume I, 20.2E24
Office phone number:(+34) 93 542 2606
Office fax number:(+34) 93 542 1702
Assistant:Raquel Garrido
Web page:sites.google.com/site/xcuadrasmorato/

Selected publications

Boycott or Buycott? Internal Politics and Consumer Choices
by Xavier Cuadras Morató and Josep Maria Raya
The BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Contributions), Forthcoming, 2015

Overeducation and skill-biased technical change
by Xavier Cuadras Morató and Xavier Mateos-Planas
The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Advances), 13 (1), 2013

Circulation of Private Notes during a Currency Shortage
by Xavier Cuadras Morató
Manchester School, 77 (4), 2009