Case Studies

Some years ago, the Department started to produce case studies to be used in the courses related to Business Administration.

The case method is worldwide perceived as a pedagogical tool useful to enhance the student’s analytical skills and also to achieve a more active teaching. In some universities and business schools this is the preferred method to teach business administration.

A case includes a description of a business situation, usually between 5 and 60 pages, with the aim that the student can prepare it in order to identify the measures that can solve the problems of the company. These measures are analyzed and discussed in class with the active participation of the students.

All UPF cases are registered at the CREFC (Research Center of Financial Economics and Accounting).

1 El FCB i l'Elefant Blau by Noemí Prat and Oriol Amat (catalan)

2 Eurotunnel (A) by Mauricio Barriga (spanish)

3 Eurotunnel (B) by Mauricio Barriga (spanish)

4 Eurotunnel (C) by Mauricio Barriga (spanish)

5 Easyjet by Oriol amat (spanish)

6 Las cuentas del FCB by Oriol amat, Josep Maria Rosanas and Marc Badia (catalan/spanish)

7 Electrical Horizons by Ester Oliveras and Robert Day (english)

8 Telepizza by Oriol Amat and Ignacio Fiestas (catalan/spanish/english)

9 Cárnicas González by Oriol Amat (spanish)

10 La gestió a l’IRTA (A) by Francesc Reguant (catalan/spanish)

11 La gestió a l’IRTA (B) by Francesc Reguant (catalan/spanish)

12 Amazon by Raúl González (english)

13 Europan Insurance Ltd. by Sofía Carlsson (spanish/english)

14 BMW by Yulia Kasperskaya (english)

15 Daimler Beinz by Martin Holstandreanssen (english)

16 Marks & Spencer by Georgios Karaliopoulos (english)

17 La fusión de tres filiales del Banco Industrial by Ignacio Fiestas (spanish)

18 Mc Donanld’s by Pere Mercader (english)

19 Gestió 2000 by Oriol Amat (spanish)

20 Pans & Co. by Javier Graells (catalan)

21 Swissair by Mercè Roca (english)

22 Majorica by Oriol Amat (spanish)

23 Manchester United by Irina Cohujarenco (english)

24 Patagon by Elisa C. Mandalaoui (spanish)

25 Euro Disney S.C.A. by Ana Paula Tepedino (english)

26 Bankinter by Juan Quiroga (spanish)

27 Caprabo by Ignacio Fiestas (spanish/english)

28 Enron by Francis Grabowski, Marc Lemenestrel and Oriol Amat (english)

29 Audiovisual Europea by Oriol Amat (spanish/english)

30 Centre de Formació Professional Aurora by Oriol Amat (catalan)

31 Eroski by Tomás Lejarraga (spanish/english)

32 Husa (A) by Jaume Clua, Xavier Comellas, Xavier Fernández, Lluis Gascón, Xavier Hernández and Jordi Solé (catalan)

33 Husa (B) by Jaume Clua, Xavier Comellas, Xavier Fernández, Lluis Gascón, Xavier Hernández and Jordi Solé (catalan/spanish)

34 Yahoo by Elena Jarocinska (english)

35 Commercial Union by Daniel Galindo (spanish)

36 El CMI de una MNC by Susana Tintoré and Imma Xampeny (spanish)

37 Precovasa by Josep Maria Argilés (catalan)

38 Soluciones Informáticas by Oriol Amat (spanish)

39 Universidad pública by Oriol amat (spanish)

40 Inditex by Llorenç Bagur and Josep Lluis Boned (spanish)

41 Eastman Kodak by Eythor Eythorsson, Holger Geyer, Oana Iosif and Ramon Trullàs (english)

42 CISCO by Mireia Manent, Vivian Strosek, Sissel Tangen, Valentin Tataru and Max Wuhrer (english)

43 ARM Holdings Plc by Lex Bradshaw-Zanger (english)

44 Desarrollo y gestión de una transformación empresarial: Grup Alimentari de Guissona by Josep Roca i Trescents and Mercè Roca i Puigvert (spanish)

45 Implantación de la Norma ISO 14.001: El Aeropuerto de Barcelona by Tomás Lejarraga (spanish)

46 Hacia la ecoeficiencia. El caso Braun Española, S.A. by Tomás Lejarraga (spanish)

47 Un ejemplo de ecosuficiencia: Carrefour y su línea de productos "Eco" by Tomás Lejarraga (spanish)

48 El cambio global, el Protocolo de Kioto y su repercusión en las empresas españolas: El caso de Gas Natural SDG by Tomás Lejarraga (spanish)

49 El Corte Inglés by Oriol Amat (english)

50 Girona Textiles Manufacturing by Oriol Amat (english)

51 Mercadona: adapting the business model in years of recession by Oriol Amat and Josep Francesc Valls (catalan/spanish/english)

52 Aguas Andinas (spanish)

53 FICOSA (english)

54 Antena 3 (spanish)

55 Colbún (spanish)

56 CorporaciĆ³n Alimentaria Guissona (catalan/spanish)

57 Bon Preu: Social commitment, Innovation and Growth (english / catalan / spanish)

58 Lift & Good Lifs (english)

59 - Multi-Menu Delivery Project (english)

60 Rub Valves Case (english)

61 Eastman Kodak Co. (english)

62 ICA Norway (english)

63 Restructuring in the middle of economic turmoil (english)

64 General Lab (catalan/spanish)

65 Norwegian (english)

66 Panrico 1 (catalan / spanish / english)

67 Panrico 2 (catalan)

68 Pescanova (catalan / spanish / english)

69 Freixenet (spanish)

70 Damm (catalan)

71 La Sirena (catalan)

72 Starbucks (catalan)

73 Torrons Vicens (catalan)