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[1532] - Menu costs, uncertainty cycles, and the propagation of nominal shocks
by Isaac Baley and Julio A. Blanco
(July 2016)

[1531] - Understanding the sources of macroeconomic uncertainty
by Barbara Rossi, Tatevik Sekhposyan and Matthieu Soupre
(May 2016)

[1530] - In-sample inference and forecasting in misspecified factor models
by Marine Carrasco and Barbara Rossi
(April 2016) [Published in: Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Forthcoming]

[1529] - Information globalization
by Isaac Baley, Laura Veldkamp and Michael Waugh
(March 2016)

[1528] - The economic geography of human capital in Twentieth-century Latin America in an international comparative perspective
by Enriqueta Camps and Stanley Engerman
(June 2016)

[1527] - Information sources used by European tourists: A cross-cultural study
by Tor Korneliussen and Michael Greenacre
(June 2016)

[1526] - Competition and the welfare gains from transportation infrastructure: Evidence from the Golden Quadrilateral of India
by Jose Asturias, Manuel García-Santana and Roberto Ramos
(May 2016)

[1525] - The microeconomics of corruption. A review of thirty years of research
by Roberto Burguet, Juan José Ganuza and José Garcia Montalvo
(May 2016)

[1524] - Anticipating the financial crisis: Evidence from insider trading in banks
by Ozlem Akin, José M. Marín and José-Luis Peydró
(May 2016)

[1523] - Tests for the validity of portfolio or group choice in financial and panel regressions
by Atsushi Inoue and Barbara Rossi
(March 2015)

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