Admission to the PhD Track (MRes / PhD) - FAQs

Admission Requirements to the MRes:

In addition to fulfilling the general requirements for admission set out in current regulations, the following specific requirements must be fulfilled in order to be considered for the MRes:

  • Possession of a degree (bachelor's or equivalent) with at least 180 ECTS credits in economics, finance, management, physics, mathematics, political sciences or engineering.
  • Possession of a postgraduate qualification (master's) with at least 60 ECTS credits in the fields of economics, finance or business is highly recommended.
  • Please, notice that 300 ECTS are required to start the PhD. Thus, a previous MSc is required if you hold a 180 ECTS degree.
  • Knowledge of English.

Admissions Requirements to the PhD Programme:

Candidates must provide accreditation that they have obtained an undergraduate degree (Bachelor degree or recognised equivalent degree from an accredited institution of Higher Education).

Moreover, they have to prove that they have obtained or are in position to obtain an accredited graduate/master's degree (equivalent to a Spanish Master Universitario/Oficial). This must be a clearly research oriented master in the fields of economics, finance or management.

To enter a doctoral programme at UPF, it is necessary to have completed 300 ECTS credits, and 60 of those have to correspond to an official graduate, research oriented master's programme.

Mandatory documents to be submitted in both cases:

  • A photocopy of the official final undergraduate transcript. (If the academic transcript is not written in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian, you will also have to include the respective sworn translation into English, Catalan or Spanish).
  • If you have finished or you are taking a Master's degree when you submit your application, you will need to send us the following documents: A photocopy of the provisional/final graduate/master's transcript. (If the diploma or the academic transcript are not written in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian, you will also have to include the respective sworn translations into English, Catalan or Spanish).
  • A Research Proposal: this should be a concise statement of issues of interests: importance, history, and candidate's approach.
  • Two academic reference letters: Letters must be sent directly by recommenders.
  • Proof of knowledge of the English language: This requirement can be waived if English was the language used in obtaining the undergraduate/master's degree.

The deadline for application to the program is March 15th, 2016. After this date, students' completed applications will be considered by an academic committee. The committee will take into account:

  • academic performance
  • the strength of the research proposal
  • reference letters

Final decisions will be communicated via email in April, and will include both admission to the PhD or the MRes and financial aid.

How to apply:

All applications must be made through the UPF plattform:

Admission Period: From January 7th to March 15th , 2016 (notice that this period is shorter than the general one)

Application fees: 30,21€

Documents required to be attached:

  • Spanish DNI or foreign ID or Passport
  • CV
  • Evidence of having completed undergraduate / graduate work (transcript with courses taken and grades obtained)
  • Proof of knowledge of the English language (if you are from or have studied in an English speaking country, please attach a document explaining so).
  • Short research proposal (in English)
  • Two letters of recommendation by your referees (you will be required to enter the institutional email of your refeee. They will receive a link from the system to upload the letter).
  • Motivation Letter (Why a PhD? Why at UPF?)

Please, do not upload writting samples. It's not possible to read them due to the high number of applications.

The deadline for applications is March 15th, 2016. Be advised that the Admissions Commitee will not consider an application until all materials (reference letters included) have been received. No documents will be considered if received at UPF after that date.

Admissions for Visiting and EDP Students

The GPEFM also accepts a number of visiting students who are interested in spending one, two or three quarters at UPF to follow a few graduate courses. During their stay at UPF, they will be treated as regular PhD students. However, they will not be considered for financial aid. After the successful completion of their exams they will receive credits for the courses followed.

Visiting Students are welcome in the Ph.D. programme but their number will be limited by the availability of office and computer space. The Graduate Committee will decide how many will be allowed every year. There is an enrolment fee for visiting students.

EDP students must provide a letter from their local coordinator showing that they have been admitted to this program. There is no enrolment fee for EDP students. All applications must be made on the GPEFM application form provided by the Program.

Applications should be accompanied by:

  • Two letters of recommendation (only for Visiting Students)*
  • Academic transcript
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport (or NIF for Spanish citizens) photocopy
  • Any other relevant information

*One of them must be from a UPF-DEE faculty member if the applicant does not want to follow courses but just do a research stay.

Applications for admission should be submitted to:

The Graduate Programme in Economics, Finance and Management
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005-Barcelona (Spain)

Ph: +34 93 542 2226

Since all courses are taught in English, a high level of written and spoken English is required of applicants.

Be advised that the Admissions Commitee will not consider an application until all materials have been received.