PICSA 2012: Probability, Information, and Combinatorics Symposium in Jásd
A workshop held from August 19-August 25, 2012
at Jásd, Hungary.


The purpose of the workshop is to solve foundational problems in the area of probabilistic methods in combinatorics and information theory. Topics this year include random trees, random networks, probability on trees, and novel random graph models.


The workshop is by invitation only. Participants this year include


  • August 19: Arrival.
  • August 20: Open problem session (9-12am).
  • August 21: Workshop (9-12am).
  • August 22: Workshop (9-12am).
  • August 23: Workshop (9-12am).
  • August 24: Workshop (9-12am).
  • August 25: Departure.


Please plan to arrive on Sunday August 19th, and leave on Saturday, August 25th. In the Monday morning problem session, all participants are encouraged to bring one or more open problems. Since the backgrounds of the participants are diverse, the open problems should come with the relevant details/literature/background. If we are not finished by lunch time, then we will continue in the afternoon.

For the remainder of the week the participants will try to solve the open problems. Each morning, there will be a workshop session. The idea of this is to get the other participants interested in an active area of research with lots of open questions.

Food. The participants will have their meals in nearby restaurants.


The workshop takes place at Guesthouse at Halfway in Jásd, Hungary. The nearest airport is in Budapest.


The accommodation is charming and has internet access. The organizers will assign the rooms according to some secret optimization algorithm.