Gurdeep Stephens: voice
Sibongile Khumalo: voice (Zulu)
Bronwen Forbay: voice (Afrikaans and German)
Nuska Drascek: voice (Slovenian)
(Sibongile Khumalo sings by courtesy of Sony Music)
Michael Greenacre: piano/keyboard

Santi Careta Group:
Santi Careta: electric guitar
Santi Serratosa: drums
Jordi Franco: bass
Noè Escolà: alto saxophone

Marc Casas: percussion
Carles Oliver: rhythm box

Concept and musical direction: Michael Greenacre
Arrangement: Michael Greenacre, with the collaboration of Santi Careta
Musical production: Santi Careta
Pre-production: Santi Careta, The Sant Studios. Avinyó, Catalonia, 1-15 december 1999
Recording and mastering: Nyanyo Castaño, Kay Studios. Manresa, Catalonia. 16 & 17 december 1999
Instruments: Solans Music, Manresa, Catalonia; Roger Albà
Photo of stained-glass window: Lurdes Nuñez
Stained-glass window: Dove of Peace , by Leo Theron

Web site: Nick Reddel

South African recordings of Sibongile Khumalo and Bronwen Forbay

Production: Nicholas and Volker Hooyberg
Recording studio: Hirt & Carter / Videolab, Durban, South Africa.
Sound engineer: Philipp Maier , assisted by Gary and Malcolm Mersham
Sibongile Khumalo sings by courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment (SA) Pty Ltd

Slovenian recording of Nuska Drascek

Production: Djuro Penzes and Michael Greenacre
Recording studio: Radio Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Sound engineer: Dare Novak
Thanks to Anuska Ferligoj and Vlado Batagelj for facilitating the recording in Slovenia.

This project has been partially sponsored by

Fundació Caixa de Manresa

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

and has also received support from the Japanese company DENSO S.A. in Sant Fruitós de Bages, through the use of their video-conference facilities during the global video-conference of the Millennium Song across five continents on 16 December 2000.

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