Technical Questions

Note that the music files of the song are not of CD quality, to keep the files smaller for more rapid downloading. The playback version, however, is of CD quality, to be used for creating one's own recording.

This site is Javascript enabled so that downloading of the songs starts when the languages are displayed, and to ensure that the correct audio plugins are loaded.

If you see a screen of random data, that is your browser trying to download the audio (mp3) file as a text file, which means it does not have the plugin installed. Install it by clicking on the "audio software" button.

If the only thing that happens when you click on a flag or language is that the lyrics are displayed, your browser is either javascript-disabled or does not support javascript.

You can download the mp3 files directly by right-clicking on the links below, and then choosing "save link" or "save as" (browser dependent).