Volker Hooyberg

Volker HooybergVolker Hooyberg South African, born in Germany December, 1942 has been lecturing in Communication at the University of Zululand since 1990. Previously self-employed, and before that leading conflict research in the South African Gold Mining Industry. In the years 1966-1969, and 1972-73 worked as studio assistant for Leo Theron.
In the first period I was closely associated with the Queenswood Church thick-glass-in-concrete commission. I recently visited Michael in Catalonia - we have known each other for some 30 years. I have just completed a 'mature' PhD dissertation, entitled 'Prevenient Message Making and the Development of the Communicative Self'.
Presently, besides trying my utmost to help Michael to make his 'Globalsong' project a reality, I am working on something equally 'impossible' involving inter alia Stanford University.

 email vhooyber@pan.uzulu.ac.za