Photo Gallery
(from the video-clip of The Millennium Song)

Gurdeep singing the Millenium Song to the original classical version of Chopin's Prelude Op.28 No. 20, with Michael on piano.

Gurdeep singing the rock version of The Millennium Song: "Take my hand, friend".

Swing section, with Santi Careta and Noč Escolā.

Gurdeep singing the techno version, with Marga, Ignasi and Karolien dancing.

... and the "Making Of" :

Nyanyo, the Magician of Kay Studios, Manresa.

On set with the Santi Careta Group; UPF studio, Rambla.


Santi Careta Group and the swing dancers from Puig-Reig: Maria and Iņaki.

Gurdeep, with Jordi Franco playing a cool bass.