Translation #1

Satoko Matsuura

Grow up
New life of baby
You've just been born
You look forward to tomorrow

Please take hands with
Old people and young people
Please forgive each other
Never end to the future

Translation #2

Yoko Tanagi

When your flower
Starts to bloom
Your tears yesterday
Were wrapped in forgiveness

Take your hand
Walk together
The road to the future
The road to hope

Translation #3

Eri Sakamoto

Time changed
And new life begins
Let's accept for everything
And forgive together

Hand in hand
Let's go together
To the future
With hope

Translation #4

Kyoko Akagi

Let's welcome tomorrow
With new mind
Let's forgive the past
And get over

Hand in hand
Let's be one
We'll go on
To the future

Translation #5

Yamamoto Yukari

Time has come
To change
We just go forward
Without looking back

Let's have strength
To live
Take my hands and
We'll go on as one

Translation #6

Kazuko Okamoto