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Some Publications and Working Papers


Recent working papers

  1. Distributional Effects of COVID-19 on Spending: A First Look at the Evidence from Spain(with J. G. Montalvo)
  2. Colonization, early settlers and development: the case of Latin America (with J.G. Montalvo)
  3. Gender and credit risk: a view from the loan officers' desk (with J. G. Montalvo)
  4. Measuring inequality from above (with J. G. Montalvo and J.C. Muñoz)
  5. The Colonial Origins of State Capacity: Evidence from Spanish Conquerors in Latin America (join with T. Besley)
  6. Improving the accessibility to public schools in urban areas of developing countries through a  location model (joint with Jesica de Armas and Helena Ramalhinho)


  1. Tracking the impact of COVID-19 on economic inequality at high frequency (with Aspachs, Durante, Graziano, Mestres and Montalvo), PLOS ONE, 2021
  2. Real-Time Inequality and the Welfare State in Motion: Evidence from COVID-19 in Spain (with Aspachs, Durante, Graziano, Mestres and Montalvo), Forthcoming in Economic Policy
  3. Ethnic diversity and growth: revisiting the evidence (wit J. G. Montalvo), forthcoming Review of Economics and Statistics, 2021.
  4. Earthquakes and terrorism: lhe long run effect of seismic shocks (join with José G. Montalvo), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2019.
  5. The logic of hereditary rule: theory and evidence (with T. Besley), Journal of Economic Growth, 2017.
  6. Resilient leaders and intstituional reform: Theory and Evidence (with T. Besley and T. Persson), Economica, 2016.
  7. The Legacy of Historical Conflict. Evidence from Africa (with T. Besley), American Political Science Review, 2014, 108 (2), 319-336.
  8. Do democracies select more educated leaders? (with T. Besley), American Political Science Review, August 2011, vol. 105 (3).
  9. Do educated leaders matter? (with T. Besley and J. G. Montalvo), Economic Journal, 121, 205-227, 2011.
  10. Poverty and civil wars: revisiting the evidence (with Djankov), Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 92 (4), nov. 2010.
  11. Ethnic polarization and the duration of civil wars (with J. Montalvo), Economics of Governance, vol 11 (2), april 2010.
  12. Aid with multiple personalities (with Djankov and Montalvo), Journal of Comparative Economics, 37, 217-229, 2009.
  13. The curse of aid (with Djankov and Montalvo), Journal of Economic Growth, 13 (3), September 2008, 1835-1865.
  14. Discrete polarization with an application to the determinants of genocides (with Montalvo), Economic Journal, 118 (553), November 2008, 1835-1865.
  15. The Aftermath of war (with Chen and Loayza), World Bank Economic Review, 2008.
  16. Fighting against malaria: prevent wars while waiting for the miraculous vaccines (with J. G. Montalvo). Data on malaria. Review of Economics and Statistics, 89 (1), 165-177, 2007. Reference to the main result of the paper in The Economist.
  17. Does foreign aid help? (with Djankov and Montalvo), CATO Journal, vol. 26 (1), winter 2006.
  18. Ethnic polarization, potential conflict and civil war (with J. G. Montalvo), American Economic Review, 95 (3), 796-816, June 2005.
  19. Does democracy preempt civil wars?, European Journal of Political Economy, 21, 445-465, June 2005.
  20. Ethnic diversity and economic development (with J. G. Montalvo), Journal of Development Economics, April 2005. Data on ethnic fractionalization and polarization (excel and stata) using the WCE. If used please cite M. Reynal-Querol (2002), "Ethnicity, political systems and civil wars" (Journal of Conflict Resolution 46(1), 29-54) and/or Montalvo and Reynal-Querol (2005), Ethnic polarization, potential conflict and civil war, American Economic Review, 2005.
  21. Religious polarization and economic development (with J. G. Montalvo), Economic Letters, August 2003.
  22. Ethnic divertsity, political systems and conflict (with J. G. Montalvo), Welt Trends, 38, 2003.
  23. Political Systems, Stability and Civil Wars, Defense and Peace Economics, Vol. 13(6), 2002. pp. 465-483.
  24. Ethnicity, Political Systems and Civil War, Journal of Conflict Resolution. Vol. 46 N.1, February 2002. 29-54. One of the most frequently cited articles of the Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Work in progress and old WP

  1. The economics of earhquakes (with J. G. Montalvo)
  2. The causes of civil wars (with S. Djankov), new version december 2010.
  3. The curse of aid (with S. Djankov and J. G. Montalvo), Universitat Pompeu Fabra Working Paper 870, June 2005, ABC segment on aid effectiveness. They use our paper "The curse of aid" in a discussion with J. Sachs (1-06-2006).
  4. A Contribution on the Measurement of Religious Diversity. PRPES Working Paper No.4 , Wheatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, 2002. UPF - Dept. Economía y Empresa WB IFC


  1. Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy. (joint with Paul Collier, Lani Elliot, Havard Hegre, Anke Hoeffler, Nicholas Sambanis) World Bank Policy Research Report. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2003. The Economist's article on this book the 22nd of may of 2003.

Book chapters and non-referred articles

  1. The Ethnic Roots of Conflict", chapter forthcoming in a book on development/underdevelopment and armed conflict/security, edited by the Military Center for Strategic Studies, Ministero della Difesa, Roma, Italy, 2005.
  2. "On the Measurement of Social Capital: conceptual and empirical issues" (joint with J.G. Montalvo), forthcoming Perez and Pardo (ed.) Social capital: a Multidisciplinary approach.
  3. "Measuring the Costs of Civil Wars", (joint with Anke Hoeffler), Oxford University, Oxford U.K. (2003). Processed.
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