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Current research:

- “Consumers' Response to Product Safety Threats: Evidence from a Major Food Scandal,"  joint with Helena Perrone

- “Gender Gaps in Performance: Evidence from Young Lawyers," joint with Ghazala Azmat,  revised and resubmitted to the Journal of Political Economy.   New! updated version, Dec 2014(online appendix)

- "The Effect of Lawyers' Career Concerns on Litigation" (New! updated version, May 2015)


- On the justice of decision rules, joint with Miguel A. Ballester and
Jose Apesteguia, Review of Economic Studies,  78: 1-16 (2011)

-  Breaking the law when others do: a model of law enforcement with neighborhood externalities

   European Economic Review, 54: 163-180 (2010)
Rosa Ferrer  
Ramon y Cajal Researcher
Dept. of Economics and Business
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
c. Ramon Trias Fargas 25-27
08005, Barcelona

Office:  (0034)  93 542 2674
Email:    rosa.ferrer[at]upf [dot]edu